Welcome, Traveler. Welcome to Consearia.

Consearia exist in the same realm and same plane as Golarion, but about 800 miles west of Azir. You likely won’t find it on any map because it is just now beginning to be explored. With this new land comes opportunities and challenges. How can you add to society?

The campaign is centered around three basic goals: 1) Explore the land and rid it of dangers, 2) Grow a business and become rich and famous, 3) Grow your kingdom or start your own. The game play incorporates Downtime, Kingdom Building, and Exploration rules of Pathfinder as well as many social interactions between players and occasional encounters and adventure paths. Recently it has grown beyond a single game and Consearia has now become a setting and lore upon which new games can be built.

Explore Consearia, but don’t become lost. There are many dangers still in the shadows.

How to Play – The rules and stuff



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